Our expenses are many, including server costs, SSL certificates, domain registration and the purchase of plugins and apps.  In 2019 / 2020 we have a lot going on in terms of improvments and additional features, for example we would like to lease a server for 24 or 36 months attracting a 30% or more discount.  To do that we need to raise funds.

Check out or 2019 / 2020 roadmap by clicking here for more information on future plans for the site.

In order to help with that, we have setup our once popular downloads site.  We have added over 1K clips and have a lot more to add.

We decided to keep it simple so its US $35 for the lifetime of the site, guranteed to be at least 1 year.  If for any reason we have to close it and you have not had at least 1 year of service you will recieve a full refund.

To join using Paypal, simply send your payment to   Please note the email address you use to send your payment will be the one we email your username and password to.  If you want to use a different email address, simply tell us in the notes part of your paypal transaction.  Please allow for 24hrs to receive your credentials.

We have also setup crypto wallets, so if you prefer you can use the following the follwoing wallets as an alternative - simply drop us an email with the transaction date and time and we will take care of it for you: (

Bitcoin:  3PUgRhnbJABmTUb9Vm9E9SmHSJJkLmySry

Ethereum:  0xA49f644e0266fB2c331BF0cF2cDe4c84835Ec031

Litecoin:  LTfR2Xu2bm7KtrhD52EP4oq7Uq1tEPBsLm

THE URL for downloads is:

If you were a member of the previous downloads site, we will give you a new free ID.  Just contact us at

I have also decided to sell all my spanking movies and magazines to help the site.  They will be listed on Ebay shortly, however only US residents can bid/buy them - this is not my decision to make it is an ebay policy.  I am considering selling some items on our own store on the site .. stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and bottoms up, head well down and get ready for your next spanking!